Board Meeting Highlights - September 2017

The PRSD Board and the Badlands Baseball AcademyThe PRSD Board and the Badlands Baseball Academy
  1. The board gave approval to Returning Officer Ryan Boser to hold an advanced vote in electoral wards that will have school board trustee elections this fall.  The advanced vote will occur on Wednesday October 11, 2017 between the hours of 10:00AM and 4:00PM.
  2. The board approved chess as a locally approved course at Parkside School.  The course will focus on developing math skills.
  3. An update was provided on the Eagle Butte High School Modernization project.  It was shared that the project is currently held up at the 60% design phase.  The holdup is a result of septic tank replacement work that has come in well above what was originally budgeted.  The school division is working with the architect to explore other options around reducing septic tank costs and to explore whether septic tank work can be removed from the project and treated as a separate item at a later date.
  4. Prairie Rose School Division is being recognized at the CACE National Conference in Edmonton this fall for the Know the Drill be Prepared campaign that was run during the 2016-17 school year.  The campaign focused on educating parents and collaborating with the local media and school divisions around the use of common language when emergencies occur.
  5. Prairie Rose welcomed eight new teachers and a new principal to the division during the annual Teacher Induction Program.
  6. The Badlands Baseball Academy provided an update to the board about the program and the cooperation between the academy and South Central High School. The presentation focused on the development and quality of players, the role they play in the community, recruiting and overall vision of the team.  It was shared that the greatest challenges for the academy are transportation and billeting.  The academy attracts students from across the country and is currently in its seventh year of operation.